ARM-All Reps Matter- pitching development & training program

The ARM Program


Why it works!

Baseball ARM Care

  •  The ARM - All Reps Matter pitching development and training program was born out of 30 years of working knowledge by Coach Jason Beeding.  
  • With injury prevention in mind, the core foundation is 
    • ARM care | ARM strength | ARM mechanics | ARM mobility. 
    • Building a suitable pitching strong hold in order to maximize gains as a rotational athlete is a must for success.   
  • We found that many pitching athletes were simply not focusing enough in the correct areas of development in order to promote a long lasting career as a pitcher.  
    • Like wise, a heavy emphasis on velocity gains were placed in front of care and stability which was forcing unnecessary arm issues and injury.  
  • Once the athlete trains in a suitable manner involving their entire body rather than just their arm or shoulder, velocity gains will be maximized.  
    • The program is perfect for all ages and covers everything pitching related