2020 Seniors

Congrats to Our Seniors

Athlete Spotlight

16U / 18U TEAMS Starting This Fall


Tryouts will Start at 6 pm, Please wear a shirt with number on it.

At 643KC we are building an organization that focuses on player development on and off the field.  The goal of our High School Program is to provide an environment that allows players to reach their full potential and to guide players through the college recruitment process. We are looking for players that are great teammates and are committed to winning baseball.  We have a highly experienced professional coaching staff and many college and pro players around to influence and effect player growth. We also take physical training seriously and have solid strength, conditioning and mobility programs. Players will have year-round access to our training center including practice field, cages, indoor facility and gym. 

 Highlighted Offerings If Players is Offered:

* Affordability & Cost Conscious #1
* Full access to facility and it's amenities
* D1 Strength Program w/ Team Training
* Opportunity to enroll into the ARM Pitching Development program
* ARM care | ARM strength | ARM mobility Program (2x Week)
* Field level access to out door facilities
* Full Fall Playing Schedule (September - October)
* 8 Week Summer Schedule (June - July)
* Train Heroic App for personalized training
* Structured Practice Schedule
* Quality Traditional Uniforms
* Game Speed SAQ Classes (2x weekly)
* Full Pitching Program
* And More...…………………….. 

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