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Program Details


The Player Development Program is an individualized, athletic and skill development program designed to improve overall performance for the athlete. Professional coaches will guide the athlete through the program. Our coaches at 643KC will create the right program for you. 

The PDP is made up of (2) process:

• Athletic Foundations works in 4 week cycles where athletes will be tested, challenged by weekly workouts and progress will be tracked.

• Complete Player works in 8 week cycles where the Athletic Foundations is included plus specific skill work and private sessions with 643KC coaches. 

The PDP program at 643KC allows you to work from home at school, or at our facility.  Scheduled weekly testing will be posted to track performance and an online player performance tracker will be provided to give athletes a to do list of workouts and drills to complete weekly. The player performance tracker will also show baseline numbers, progress and analysis on a weekly basis. 


  • Enroll 
  • Schedule initial session
  • Player interview
  • Define area of focus
  • Set expectations
  • Gather baseline data


  • Be a 643KC member
  • Commit to the program
  • Be willing to work with and help others, Carry a positive attitude, Give consistent effort



          MEMBERSHIP :     $40 /month

          PROGRAM COST : 

         $10/week for Athletic Foundation Training  - 4 week cycles


         $20/week for Complete Player Training  - 8 week cycles

                    (Athletic Foundation Included)

What do I get

Players will receive

  • Personalized Training Program
  • Private Lesson Time w/ Complete Player Program
  • Player Performance Tracker 
  • Organized plan with weekly workouts
  • Positive competitive community 
  • Actual Baseball IQ training
  • Body awareness understanding
  • Real Results

Why this Program Works?


As a coach/instructor for many years now I have seen a lot of players come through the traditional system of private lessons, team practices and games. While it is obvious these things are important I have found there is something missing. Most players have the intention of improving their game with every lesson, practice or workout but actual progress is not always evident in the game. 

This can be due to factors like unreasonable expectations, lack of commitment, not having a plan, lack of motivation, etc… We believe the missing piece is in the process of athletic and skill development. It is easy to have home work or drills to do between lessons or practices but follow through and commitment is difficult to track. 

Our solution is to provide a quality service that gives players of every age and level an opportunity to train with a purpose and own their game. Each player will be given an online interactive player card with weekly drills and workouts designed specifically for the individual. Goals will be set and foundations built with the ability to track progress. 

We aim to provide a positive competitive environment where a community of athletes can work together to achieve real results. Our professional coaches will guide players through the process and we will provide all the tools necessary for success. 

Enroll Here

Additional Sessions available Sat & Sun by Appointment



Intangibles that will help a Player Develop!

  • Team Work – Are you a good teammate? 
  • Desire to play 
  • Respect of Coaches and the game itself
  • Maturity 
  • Hustle 
  • Aggressiveness 
  • Leadership 
  • Desire to help others 
  • Instincts 
  • Knowledge of the game 
  • Work Habits 
  • Intelligence 
  • Composure 
  • Dedication



Player Enrollment

Where do I go?           Sign up online @

How do I pay?             Credit/Debit

Do I pay up front or weekly?         Total amount up front or weekly recurring billing

When do I start?       Plans start weekly

Data Collection - Testing / Workouts

When is my testing?      Dates will be posted

How do we record testing data?           643KC Coaches will do all testing

When and how often do we update workout data?    Player enters completed workout data

Player/Parent Assessment w/ Coach

How do I schedule?     Book your session @

What is the point of player assessment?     To determine customized player plan

Determine Area(s) of focus

What is an area of focus?         Each Complete Player plan will specialize toward a stated goal

What are some examples of area of focus?       Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, Catching, etc..

How many areas of focus are we allowed?       One or two depending on plan

Create workout schedule

Where do I find customized workout schedule?        Player login will be provided

Is the workout schedule determined by player or 643KC?     643KC will provide weekly workouts but player will choose time/day to execute

When and where will weekly schedule be posted?       Every Monday morning on Player Dev Card

How much private instruction is included?      15 min Private instruction is available through the Complete Player Plan, weekly spots can be booked online. 

Is there Group Instruction?         Yes, we will offer different groups throughout the week and schedule will be posted online.

Athletic Foundation v Complete Player

What is the difference?    Athletic Foundation is a 4 week program focusing on athletic movements, conditioning, athleticism and coordination.   Complete Player includes 2 cycles of Athletic Foundation plus specific area of focus with weekly private and group sessions.

When program is completed what is next?  Reevaluate progress and new goals are set 

Can workouts be done at home?  Some can be and some need to be done at 643KC